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Charcuterie is once again all the RAGE, and we,

like so many others are HUGE fans

Charcuterie has been around for thousands of years and the literal translation is “cooked meat.” This cooked meat is typically pork, though other types of meat can be included. Charcuterie is derived from the French words for flesh (chair) and cooked (cuit). The only real requirement is that the meat be salted or otherwise prepared in such a fashion that it will last. Though we enjoy it as a delicacy today, its origins were rooted in the practical need for food to have a long shelf life.

Charcuterie’s roots in the Roman Empire as rations for long trips with little access to food took a strong hold in France during the Middle Ages. It was then that the real experimentation and evolution of the charcuterie plate began. Charcutiers, the individuals who prepared the cooked meats, developed great varieties of charcuterie to sell in their stores – also called charcuteries.

Over the years, the different meats and preparation processes made their way across Europe and finally to the United States. Eventually, Bologna, Italy, became known for bologna, Genoa, Italy, for its salami, and Frankfurt, Germany, for its frankfurter. Stateside, Virginia became the cured and smoked ham capital and Pennsylvania the sausage destination.

Now in San Luis Obispo, California, SHEILA KEARNS Chocolate & Confections brings you a whole new spin on Charcuterie.



Introducing SK Chocuterie!

Each stunning Charcuterie de Chocolate creation includes an eye catching display of SK Organic Hand Painted Artisan Chocolates, local organic in season fresh fruit, locally sourced cheeses, couverture dipped organic dried fruits, nuts, edible herbs and flowers. SHEILA KEARNS Chocolate & Confections is a gluten free facility. Charcuterie de Chocolat, artisan chocolates, and confections are all gluten free. Vegan options available. 


La Boîte à Cadeau Gift Boxes

 le petit      5.75 x 5.75        $55.00



Émanoui     10 x 6              $100.00

SK Chocuterie Boards

le petit       13 x 9                   $80.00       Refundable Deposit $40.00


tres chic     15 x 11               $125.00       Refundable Deposit $50.00    


Émanoui     21 x 14              $275.00       Refundable Deposit $50.00



Call 805.439.3330 to order. Orders must be received at least one day in advance. Boards must be returned in three days.